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The magazine

The Amorist has been launched by Rowan Pelling, who launched The Erotic Review in 1997.

The Amorist has been created for readers who want to lose themselves between the sheets of a publication that’s as romantic about sex as it is discursive, philosophical, truthful, wayward, wry, flirtatious, occasionally baffled and downright engrossed. A magazine that has a strong historical perspective, because there’s no erotic distraction our forebears haven’t perfected long before us. Science and technology form a strong part of our brief too, since the age of the robot lover is already upon us. And we’ll interview the Casanovas and Cleopatras of our age.

In short, our content will include features, a diary, original fiction and poetry, photographs and illustrations, profiles, first-person articles and wide-ranging reviews. 

The Amorist seeks to counter the modern tendency to see sex through a purely functional prism. We applaud the notion of courtship, flirtation, mystery and erotic connection. We do not believe anything is as good as sex – especially not chocolate, scented candles and expensive cars. We believe complicity and a little mystery are integral to long-lived relationships. That many lengthy marriages resemble the teetering, ancient village houses you see in the French Midi, all the more picturesque and enviable for the moss, cracks and weathered stones. We believe sexual love is the greatest and most compelling mystery of human existence. We invite you to explore it with us.


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Who we are

The Editor – Rowan Pelling

Rowan Pelling edited The Erotic Review magazine for eight years (1996-2004). She was raised in a country pub, attended a school for daughters of missionaries and once worked as a jester in Santa’s Grotto.

The Erotic Review is known for its puckish humour, wide-ranging reviews, bold artwork, short stories and interrogation of all aspects of sexuality. Many well-known writers, artists and public figures became contributors or appeared in its pages, including Auberon Waugh, Barry Humphries, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Malcolm McLaren, David Bailey, Sarah Waters, Sarah Hall and Booker Prize Winner DBC Pierre.

Since then, she has been a columnist for the Independent on Sunday, a sex columnist for GQ and the Daily Mail, and now writes for the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs. She is the editor of The Decadent Handbook and Erotic Stories and has led erotic fiction workshops.

Rachel Weisz has acquired a screen option on her life as an erotic editor.

The Publisher – James Pembroke

The Amorist will be published by James Pembroke, who also publishes The Oldie, whose circulation he increased from 24,000 to 46,000 in seven years. He is also the author of Growing Up in Restaurants: the Story of Eating Out in Britain from 55BC to Nowadays.  Tom Parker Bowles, writing for the Mail on Sunday, called it “Easily the best history of the restaurant I’ve read.”


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