Was it good for you?


Amorist Towers have been blessed with a wonderful assistant this summer, called Eliza Lawrence, an Edinburgh university student who's not only willing to do anything and everything in the office - from writing articles to standing in a post office queue - but has also created a website called ‘Wasitgoodforyou?' which turns out to be very Amoristic in aim and spirit. 

Dedicated to the exploration of sex through different creative methods, it invites readers to submit their stories of sexual experiences through their chosen talent, be it poetry, storytelling, photography or film.  

'The aim is to expel the taboo surrounding sex, especially in public life' explains Eliza, top right. 'When most of the greatest literature art and film have come out of exploring ones secretive erotic life, why should we be scared of starting to bring sex out of the dark?' 


Eliza hopes that, in starting a conversation on this website in 'a clean, open and honest way' readers will be able to see that sex is 'totally subjective, depending on a smorgasbord of factors and there is no need to discard it because it’s "dirty"'.

In celebration of her website reaching a year old this October, Eliza is about to launch an online store of sustainable clothes with her own embroidered illustrations (see below) of naked women. For each garment sold there will be donations to charity and buyers will be supporting local young artists who have been involved in the store's development.


The Amoristas will miss her terribly when she heads back to university but we plan to invest in some embroidered T-shirts, to keep her close to our hearts till she returns.




The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.
Woody Allen