Voluptuous Valentine's gifts

For those of you still seeking inspiration for your beloveds, the Amorist passes on these ideas from three women who've started their own companies, each with a playful twist. 

1. The chocoholic


The Amorist has always felt that sex and chocolate make for an unbeatable coupling, so she perked up on hearing about Mococu, a company making organic vegan chocolates from raw cacao. Indeed, since hearing how company founder Alison Fleming (pictured below), is a cacaoista who holds sacred cacao ceremonies celebrating the sensual and healing powers of the cocoa bean, the Amorist resolved on an instant career change, for the simple pleasure of styling herself an Amorista cacaoista.

Of course it's really about gorging on Mococu's edible cacao body paint and raw chocolate massage butter. The Amorist swiftly started sourcing washable sheets for chocoholics (try saying that with a mouth full of Peruvian Criolla cacao).



2. The acrobatic


Ingeniously engraved so that when the 30mm disc is spun on its axis the two separate bodies unite, this Allasumatra necklace rewards close inspection. Not for the short-sighted, though perhaps an excuse for a little light necking, it comes in a choice of five different Kama Sutra positions with optional combinations of men and women (pictured is girl on girl). 

Perfect for an exchange of gifts between lovers, the range has been designed by Natasha Leith-Smith and is available exclusively from her website in gold (£159) or silver (£144). 

Tel. +44 7889 05903


3. The Naturalistic


A sleek and strokable sex toy that looks decorative on your desk is just what the Amorist needs in case an opportunity arises for erotic distraction - let's call it research - in the course of a working day. It's no surprise that TEATIAMO® products  come from Finland, craft-made and varnished to a finish that resembles glass, but is totally play-safe. 

The sylvan product photos had the Amorist daydreaming about collaborating with artist Andy Goldsworthy on a work in which sex toys made from natural materials could be arranged into patterns along streams and tree trunks, for the relief of hikers on long walks, perhaps. 

The  company's founder, Tea Latvala (below), once co-hosted 14 episodes of a Finnish talk show about sex called 'G-piste' which is, of course, Finnish for the G-spot. The Amorist is supplying this fact just in case it comes up in an episode of Pointless or Eggheads.



Graze on my lips And if those hills be dry Stray lower Where the pleasant fountains lie
Shakespeare, from Venus and Adonis