It's a paradox of cold winter evenings that, as the temperature drops, the Amorist also sheds her clothes and slips into some delicious silk and lace nothingness for the edification of her beau. A crackling fire, a fine whisky and a soft rug tickling the extremities - what could be more inviting? 


Like everyone, of course, the Amorist has also known lonely times when it seems like the whole world is made up of couples kissing on the street, while she trudges home alone to a hot water bottle and a new season on Netflix. 

So if you're longing to get out the lingerie but are a little weary of the dating scene, the Amorist has heard that the Togetherness festival at the Friendly Space in Greenwich has some last-minute tickets available this weekend. There's hugging, dancing, singing, playing, massage and more. You may not meet your soul mate (or then again...) but you'll surely come away feeling warmed, cheered and just a little tickled at the extremities.

For a whopping 20% Amorist discount off the day or weekend rate, use this link:


Togetherness festival

If you smoke after sex, you're doing it too fast
Woody Allen