Tie me up, tie me down

Maisie-2.jpg#asset:978:urlMaisy Taylor wears one of Anna Kostina's Shibari-inspired fashion accessories. Picture by Bojidar Chkorev

Despite a crushing hangover from drinking too many shots on the velvet cushions of the Hammer Horror dungeon (See 'Hammer's heaving bosoms'), the Amorist managed to get to Bermondsey next evening for the launch of Anna Kostina’s Shibari-inspired fashion brand of leather accessories, Figure of A (www.figureofa.com).

It included a short Shibari performance by beautiful model and former circus performer, Maisy Taylor, which had the hipsterish audience mesmerised. There was palpable erotic tension in the room as her deft rigger, Anna Bones of Anatomie Studio, tied her limbs so that she was suspended from the ceiling in painful-but-ravishing torsion, and a collective outbreath twenty minutes later when Maisy finally found her feet again. She's pictured above, relaxing with a well-earned glass of wine and wearing one of Kostina's decorative silk rope pieces, that works surprisingly well over dresses and T-shirts, as modelled by a visitor to the launch, below.

Figure-of-A.jpg#asset:979Picture by Bojidar Chkorev

It turned out that, like Anna Kostina, several audience members were already amateur shibari enthusiasts from the Anatomie classes in Peckham, founded by the brilliant duo, Anna Bones and Fred Hatt. If you're tempted to try out some Japanese rope bondage knots or find a thrilling live performance, check their website: anatomiestudio.com

Kostari.jpg#asset:981Anna Kostina launches her collection / Picture by Bojidar Chkorev


Maisy prepares for her performance / Picture by Bojidar Chkorev




All pictures by Bojidar Chkorev

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