The ex - sex files


The Sunday Times phoned the Amorist last week – in her part-time role as a jobbing sexpert – wondering if she’d pen something for the paper about women returning to their previous partners for a bout of ex-sex. Apparently, there'd been a storyline of that sort on the TV adultery drama Dr Foster (the sort of thing that’s watched by people who aren’t stuck on Season 3 of Game of Thrones). 

The Amorist didn’t have time to write the ST article, but it’s obvious why people return to former lovers for another bout of passion, isn’t it? Firstly, you know what you’re getting, so you won’t be disappointed. From a woman’s point of view, an ex is likely to know how to give her an orgasm – it can take quite a while to train a new lover in the mysteries of female arousal. 


Then there’s a sense of it ‘doesn’t count’ as a betrayal, since you’ve had so much sex together already in your life. Although if you want to make a current partner jealous, no one will rile them as much as  an oft-mentioned ex.  

Perhaps – just perhaps – they happen to be the love of your life and you just have to get back between the sheets with them. One of the most powerful episodes of ex sex was between actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who famously married in 1974 after having an affair on the set of Cleopatra.


They divorced after ten years, but were back in bed and in matrimony within sixteen months, unable to resist each other. The second marriage didn't last long, but La Taylor was later quoted as saying she might well have squeezed in another marriage to Burton, had he not died the following decade.


Whatever the truth of their tumultuous relationship, who can fail to feel the pulse between them in these photos?


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