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The fabulous second issue of The Amorist is on the shelves now, but did you know that you can sign up for our App, which costs just £3.99 instead of £4.95 for the print version? It's published several days earlier than the print magazine, so you get the chance to preview our gorgeous articles before everyone else. Plus, it has a far wider range of photographs, which are also more erotic and racy than those we're able to show on paper.

We feel that too few Amorist supporters know about the extra delights of the App, so please do try it out and spread the word to your friends. To sign up for the App please go to the I- Tunes App Store by following this link, or just click the button at the foot of this article. 


Above, for example, is one of the extra black and white pictures we added to the App version of Emily Hill's powerful short story of love and betrayal, My Man, written specially for the second issue.

Below is one of the stunning range of watercolours created by Julia Whatley to illustrate The Amorist's exclusive extract from Monique Roffey's forthcoming erotic novel The Tryst. It's an explicitly described story of how other-worldly Lilah seduces Bill with a feral and mesmerising directness.

What we love about the App is that we're able to show several more of Whatley's enchanting pictures, which we don't have room to show in the print magazine. Indeed, nearly all the articles on the App benefit from the munificence of extra pictorials.


He denied it with his head held high, as any self-respecting adulterer would
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (on Bill Clinton)