Paula's poetics



And so to the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston this week, for a candlelit performance by the wonderful combo of singer Paula Rae Gibson and pianist, Sam Leak. The Amorist was entranced by the way they improvised together, and the lyrics of love, passion and loss resonated long after the rainy walk home.

The experience was intensified by the montage of Paula's erotic photographs and videos that played on a screen at the back of the stage during the performance, some of which are reproduced here. 



It made the Amorist ponder whether she'd ever find courage to pose naked. Paula's work is already an Amorist favourite, since her photos have been used as illustrations in the magazine. Chatting after the show, Paula issued an open invitation to face her feminine, sensual lens: clothed or unclothed. Who could resist?

Here's a taster of Paula's singing and photography: Website: www.paularaegibson.com

Sex is funny
Pamela Anderson