Issue 5: Belle de Jour anniversary special


ROWAN PELLING’S THE AMORIST  Issue 5 is on sale!

BELLE DE JOUR 50th Anniversary Special

Belle on Belle

Author of Diary of a London Call Girl. Dr Brooke Magnanti writes a personal reflection on Luis Bunuel’s masterpiece Belle de Jour and tells why why she stole Catherine Deneuve’s movie character as her own escort identity.

Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis on Sexy Cinema

The director of Leaving Las Vegas, One Night Stand and the Loss of Sexual Innocence talks to Rowan Pelling about the fine art of making erotic films

Summer Kissing Special

John Walsh explains why the art of kissing is no simple matter and six leading writers talk about the best kiss of their life, including best-selling author Meg Rosoff, 'Call the Midwife' writer Harriet Warner and Kamin Mohammadi.

Proud Comrades in Arms

Historian Stephen Bourne writes about the gay soldiers who fought for Britain in WWII and found love on the battleground.

Sitting for John Singer Sargent

Historian Donna M Lucey on the Astor heiress who risked social censure to claim love with her best friend’s husband.



Quickie Versus Slowie

Two men discuss the virtues of love in the slow – and fast – lane.

Dolly Alderton

Tells why she thinks a lover should be Alpha between the sheets, but Beta in the streets.

Exclusive short story by JD Jaks  

The President’s Party. A woman goes to a fancy dress party in a Donald Trump mask and picks up her very own First Lady.

What you do to me. Wanting me to take you. My fingers in your hair. The things you say: Oh, I do desire you, baby, I do ...
e. e. cummings