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The gorgeously illustrated July issue of The Amorist will be on the shelves on Wednesday 21 June, but the new content - with over 50 extra images - is already available to view on the App (which costs just £3.99 per issue instead of £4.95 for the print version). 

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The sensual images shown here are from erotica site FrolicMe.com, whose elegant CEO, Anna Richards,talks to Rowan Pelling in the next issue about how she transferred from a creative career in marketing into making erotic X-rated short movies for a female audience. App subscribers will have access to a 20-minute free FrolicMe video, as well as extra, racier, images to view within the article (here are a couple of summery examples to whet your appetite). https://www.frolicme.com


Copyright FrolicMe.com

The next issue also features 'Love outside the Bedroom', a foray into the unusual places we end up being overcome with lust for our beloveds, illustrated by the droll eye of cartoonist Steven Appleby (below). From cliff tops to graveyards and hospital cubicles to cupboards, the power of desire is never inhibited by our surroundings, it seems. Who needs a hotel room?

Cartoon: Steven Appleby

There's a teasing account of a seduction between a feline Englishwoman and a beautiful Australian girl she meets in Sydney, in our popular feature 'It Happened one Night'. 

Sam Leith writes about why Roger Moore was really the coolest James Bond and Bella Pollen will keep you awake at night with her spooky-but-sexy account of carnal relations with a ghost who feels like a cloud of iron filings.

Our star columnists, Dolly Alderton, Cosmo Landesman, Clover Stroud, Dorcas Pelling and Rebecca Newman divulge witty sex secrets; there's a wonderful fiction extract from Allegra Huston's first novel 'Say My Name' and an extraordinary dating experience from Olivia Smith. Plus reviews, food, drink and poetry. What more could you possibly need for the week ahead?


And here's another teaser pic, only on the Amorist App

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