Issue 3 : July Passion special


Contents of Issue 3

Hollyoaks star Lysette Anthony confesses all in The Amorist’s Q&A

No sex please, I’m bored – Dolly Alderton gives celibacy a whirl

My sex ghost – Designer and author Bella Pollen is haunted by an incubus.

The Kamasutra Revisited – James McConnachie unlocks the secrets of the world’s favourite sex manual.

Rowan Pelling talks to Anna Richards of – the posh impresario making erotic films for women

Palazzo Party - Judith Mackrell on the three society seductresses who lived and loved in Venice’s Palazzo Venier.

Say My Name – exclusive fiction extract from renowned author Allegra Huston

I Love You – Author Jo Nadin on the three words we all yearn to hear.


Love outside the bedroom – John Walsh likes clinches in cupboards.

Is Monogamy Dead? – Rosie Wilby says straight couples could take lessons in love from their gay friends

Christobel Kent on stockings, the most seductive hosiery.

Cosmo Landesman and Clover Stroud go wild with the latest erotic toys

Matthew Jukes tracks down the world’s sexiest wine labels

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Let us give ourselves over to joy…to voluptuousness, as if this were our last night among the living.
Alfred de Musset