Bringing much-needed heat to rainy Camden in the first week of March, the Twitter and blogosphere sensation Girl On The Net* chaired a panel on ‘How to pitch erotic content to blogs and publishers’ at London’s first Eroticon conference. 

A room full of eager erotica writers listened to the wisdom and experience of representatives from Kinkcraft, dating website Fuck.com, erotic publishers Sinful Press and The Amorist editor herself, Rowan Pelling. 
Perhaps surprisingly, the panel was unanimous in its view that the key to getting erotic editors’ attention is primarily about finding a winning combination of persistence, enthusiasm and, crucially, good manners.
One panellist related how she’d once received a death threat in response to some gentle feedback she’d offered a would-be writer, whose book proposal outline was inadequate.
The Amorist approved Eroticon’s message that this is not a fruitful interpretation of the relationship between Eros and Thanatos. The office mantra is that good manners in sex should be like the three Cs for good driving: care, courtesy and consideration.
Back in the office it’s been noticed that, post-Eroticon, the deputy editor has been glued to Instagram, sharing discoveries like ‘a beautiful Pulse duo II by Octopuss, which looks like an iPod speaker, but it's not your ears it brings pleasure to’.
Her lapel now sports a prized ‘I heart smut’ badge from smut.uk – a blog run by an ordained Christian minister, mum and erotica author (who says women can’t have it all?), and she’s fiercely possessive of her mug from Fuck.com (above).
Favourite find? Well, the dep. ed. is a Lancashire lass who loves a good pun, so she thrilled to the lube-proof bed linen purveyors, 'The Sheets of San Francisco'. 


What you do to me. Wanting me to take you. My fingers in your hair. The things you say: Oh, I do desire you, baby, I do ...
e. e. cummings