New eye on the erotic portrait


There’s a long history to the erotic love portrait. In Georgian times young men would give their beloveds a drawing of themselves encased in a locket – entirely chaste, apart from the fact it would sit close to the loved one’s beating heart. Victorian men, meantime, liked to make saucy daguerrotypes of young women of the street, much like Punch cartoonist Linley Sambourne, who kept a camera in his attic studio for the purpose.



These days it’s just a click of the mouse to find a photographer who’ll make an elegant picture of your naked form draped over a divan, with artfully placed feather boa.


 But if you’re thinking of something a little different to wrap up in ribbon for your lover, the Amorist has a penchant for artist Sonia Hensler’s work. The Polish illustrator, based in the UK, has merged her love of eroticism, romance and slightly gothic style into creating bespoke pictures that are both fun and decorative. They can also get quite saucy, as you'll find if you scroll down a little further.



The Amorist found out about her new venture – which extends to wallpaper, cards, and interior design schemes – after commissioning a beautiful illustration from Sonia for J D Jaks' erotic short story The President's Party, in the September issue of the magazine.



For some, one advantage is there’s no need to pose – Sonia asks clients to send in a photo of their face, and tell her some biographical details, from which she creates a ‘mood board’ for their approval, before proceeding. The price is £170, plus extra printing costs if it’s larger than A3, packaged and delivered to your door. Some recent examples of her work are shown here.



She originally got the idea when she wanted to give a special gift to her boyfriend, she explains.


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