Eligible Emily


Where the Amorist leads, others follow. She commissioned Emily Hill, author of Bad Romance (a collection of short stories due to be published by Unbound on Valentine's Day, 2018), to write a piece entitled ‘No Tinder please, we’re British!’ for the October issue.

Last Sunday, Hill announced that she'd been signed up by the Sunday Times Style magazine as one of two dating columnists. She’s billed as the paper’s traditionalist, longing for old-fashioned monogamy. She once made head-lines for ritually burning a wedding dress as a protest against the misery of dating.


Since Hill is svelte, clever and witty the Amorist is certain it won’t be long before she’s swept off her feet. And if any eligible male wants to make Hill’s acquaintance the Amorist advises he presses his suit in writing.  The most sparkling propositions will be forwarded to the gorgeous writer. Her exclusive short story for The Amorist can be seen in the second issue of the magazine, aptly titled 'My Man'.



The cover of Emily Hill's forthcoming book

He denied it with his head held high, as any self-respecting adulterer would
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (on Bill Clinton)