Curious dating


This weekend The Amorist is in force at the Curious Arts Festival at Pylewell Park, Hampshire. Embracing books, music, food, and film, and described as ‘dreamy, eccentric… and ultimately, irresistible’, the festival is enjoying its fourth event-packed year.

At the festival editor Rowan Pelling talks to Nichi Hodgson about her book The Curious History of Dating: From Jane Austen to Tinder. A particularly charming section of Hodgson’s book concerns the sex lives of the Edwardians and an anonymous letter sent in 1906 to the Daily Mail


Tight-lacing is not only useful in producing the tiny waist so much admired by the male sex, but it is a delightful sensation. I commenced to wear corsets about twenty years ago, when as a lad I took part in private theatricals dressed as a girl, and I had to be considerably tightened in to produce the necessary figure. I was so delighted with the feeling of wearing them that I have stuck to corsets ever since. I was first attracted to my wife by her small waist, and although she is now the mother of two little girls, she still retains her dainty figure.

Who knew what lay beneath? Is Edwardian Man with his secret cross-dressing the Gibson Girl era equivalent of The Sidebar of Shame?


Other highlights over the weekend include events featuring Amorist contributors Murray Lachlan Young, Rick Stroud, Dolly Alderton and Bella Pollen.

You can still buy tickets for the Curious Art Festival here. It runs from today to the 23 July 2017.


Kiss me, mad creature! Let me bite you. Let me suck you. Let me inhale you to your bones' own marrow.
Alfred de Musset, Gamiani, 1883