Bottoms up


The Amorist is a fan of Soho’s Quo Vadis restaurant and club, so was delighted to be asked to talk about erotic literature there last Tuesday – alongside Granta writer Eli Goldstone (check out her novel Strange Heart Beating) and poet Max Wallis, bard of sexual passion. 

In the chair was Some Such Stories editor, Suze Olbrich, who had to deal elegantly with a couple of hecklers who thought they were there to discuss sex and robots. I don’t know about you, but everyone seems to think all erotic talks lead to sexbots nowadays, although Amorist contributor Dr Kate Devlin, the expert’s expert, says very firmly that sex androids don’t exist yet – they’re “mechanised sex dolls with some chatbot AI, but that’s about it.” (Read the whole interview here: https://www.gold.ac.uk/news/sex-tech-reality/.) 


Anyway, the Amorist read from her unfinished memoir, reminiscing about her days on The Erotic Review when punters could have all their wildest dreams fulfilled by The Illustrated Book of Bottoms. (Oliver Maitland, 1996, Erotic Print Society.)

So for your weekend pleasure, the Amorist has sourced some random images of pleasing female bottoms, starting with the inimitable Brigitte Bardot, top. (Tune in next week for the Amorist's selection of naked men)




Jack-Vettriano-bottom.jpg#asset:1051Scarlet Ribbons, Lovely Ribbons by Jack Vettriano


Let us give ourselves over to joy…to voluptuousness, as if this were our last night among the living.
Alfred de Musset