Be my Swayne


In what turned out to be an excellent week for erotic art in London the Amorist discovered one of her favourite contemporary painters, Geraldine Swayne, in a mixed show at the Herrick Gallery's LOVE exhibition, showing until Sunday 18 February.

Swayne has a brilliantly unsettling way of depicting sex and desire, especially in the ambivalent, sometimes challenging, way her subjects gaze at the viewer. The second canvas by Swayne has echoes of the great Paula Rego in the sexual undertones of the strange drama it depicts, accentuated by the slightly lurid colours.  


What's the relationship between these two, and why is the girl (is it a girl? wearing heels?) looking back at the painter / viewer in that wide-eyed, slightly saucy way? The Amorist relishes a sense of hidden narrative, and this is rich in possibilities. 


Continuing the erotic vein in a different medium, the Amorist likes the subtle clitoral resonance in Rachel Meghawhat's photograph of blushing mistletoe, above.

Finally, Illuminati Neon's Wild West-style signs shout out what's been on everyone's mind this week.



He denied it with his head held high, as any self-respecting adulterer would
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (on Bill Clinton)