... and so to bed


Bathtime: An aquatic encounter, above, and others by Paul-Marc-Joseph Chevanard (1807-1895). Courtesy Sotheby's

It’s been a long week for The Amorist’s hard-working editorial team as they finally ‘put to bed’ the launch issue of the magazine on Maundy Thursday. Indeed, the Amorist is so exhausted by working round the clock that she’s  incapable of thinking of a pun to match that very aptly named process for signing off their provocative, arousing and seductively witty editorial content to the printers.

However, while the Amorist awaits the launch of the new magazine on 26 April with barely contained excitement (there’s still time to sign up for the fantastic ‘6 issues for £6’ offer at www.theamorist.co.uk/pages/subscribe) she is now deliciously free to fantasise about the many erotic ways she’d like to fill out the hours of this welcome four-day holiday from the office.

The watercolour ‘Bathtime: An aquatic encounter’ returned irresistibly into the Amorist’s thoughts as she trudged home with aching shoulders, longing for a soak. Having spied it earlier this year at Sotheby’s auction, Erotic: Passion & Desire, this miniature by nineteenth-century artist Paul-Marc-Joseph Chenavard, is one of a series made in his studio depicting sensual encounters in the bedroom. Including a wedding night scene, and a variety of combinations of men and women taking pleasure in each other’s arms, they’re characterised by an unusual delicacy and happy sensuousness that perfectly echoes the erotic delights portrayed in the pages of The Amorist.

For the delectation and inspiration of her readers, the Amorist has included some here, with thanks to the Sotheby’s archive for enabling her to share such perfect propositions for celebrating the bank holiday weekend.  Only the Amorist will know whether she puts one or all of these ideas into amorous practice in her own bedroom, or simply explores them in her ardent imagination.

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure
Mae West