Age ain't nothin but a number


We’re glad to hear that the France-based European Court of Human Rights has ruled that sex is just as important to older women. Judges in Portugal have come under fire for not giving a woman adequate medical compensation, because supposedly the importance of sex declines with age – the Amorist knows that’s not the case! She can assure the Portuguese court that her sex life is as vital now as it has ever been. 

Maria Morais, from Portugal, had gynaecological surgery in 1995. A botched procedure meant that she was unable to have normal sex. At first, she won compensation for physical and mental suffering, but this was slashed to a third in a 2013 appeal.

Morais is 50 years old and has two children, so the judges in Lisbon justified cutting her compensation on the basis that sex wasn’t as important because of her age. Morais amassed support in Portugal and abroad, including the European court’s statement that the decision ‘ignored the physical and psychological importance of sexuality for women’s self-fulfilment and other dimensions of women’s sexuality’.

The injustice here is cemented by the fact that when two men made similar complaints in 2008 and 2014, the Portuguese Supreme Court found that the men’s inability to have normal sexual relations brought ‘tremendous or strong mental shock’, irrespective of their age or whether they had children. The Amorist is glad to see mature women’s sexuality being taken as seriously as men’s. 

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Jeff Green