Togetherness Festival

May 20 2017, 10:00 - May 21 2017, 18:00

London Docklands

Togetherness-3.jpg#asset:611The Amorist caught up with Adam Wilder this week, an infectious enthusiast who's always devising new ways to bring people together. Having made his name organising 'Shhh' speed dating events - where couples gaze into each other’s eyes without speaking - as well as large and lively Ceilidh and Burns Night celebrations, Adam is that rare man who knows how to do intimate yet also puts on the wildest parties.

Now he’s putting the two together for a weekend in London’s Docklands this May exploring intimacy, sexuality and human relationships.  With over 50 workshops on everything from orgasmic cacao breathing to sexual mindfulness and healing, plus a big Saturday night party, the Togetherness festival promises to be as inclusive and all-embracing as its organiser.

Admirably, one of his themes is to offer adult sex education, not just so participants can liberate their inner sex god/dess, but to help them become better parents. Adam observes that his peers had ‘terrible’ sex education at school and are now confused by relentless online porn and the sometimes exclusive conventions of the sex positive scene. 

‘My generation is scared by the words tantra and consciousness,' he tells the Amorist. 'They mostly don’t have children yet and I think they need to learn to be at home in their skin so when they do become parents they can bring up their own children in a more knowledgeable way.' 

There are sure to be queues for workshops by two of Adam’s own mentors:  tantra expert and sexologist Andrew Barnes - who’s speaking on the subject of ‘The Soulmate Delusion’ -  and Alan Lowen, wise wizard of personal transformation, who’s gently pushing boundaries in  ‘Am I Allowed?’. 

There are also promising sessions with leading academics in gender studies: Get Vulnerable’, with Dr Clive Selwyn, is for men or male-identified participants only, while Dr Meg-John Barker’s workshop on ‘Liberating Gender’ gives everyone a chance to examine what gender means to them, both culturally and in their bodies. 

The Amorist is already setting out her collection of ‘Love’ T-shirts.

Togetherness will be held at : 8th Floor, Capstan House, 2 Clove Crescent, Poplar, London E14 2BAon 20 and 21 May, 2017. Festival pass costs £99. https://www.togethernesslondon...


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